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I'm Sierra of:

- SierraNovaa LLC

- SierraNovaa Anime & Beyond

- SierraNovaa EmbroideryPlus/+!

I wear many hats and enjoy writing, embroidering, and digitizing. I am also starting my journey with HTV.

On this website, you'll find my blogs (the background will be black), and you'll find some of my work/projects I've taken on with a pink background (EmbroideryPlus), so be sure to take a look around!

  • SierraNovaa YouTube
  • SierraNovaa Instagram
  • SierraNovaa TikTok
  • SierraNovaa Threads
  • Youtube
  • Embroidery+ Instagram
  • SierraNovaa Embroidery+ TikTok
  • SierraNovaaEmbroideryPlus
  • Etsy

I started to view life differently after I went to college and went out into the real world. I thought I had it all figured out - until it took me nearly FOUR years to become permanent in a job I went into debt for (over $40k!). I was already feeling vulnerable and then when Covid hit and I still wasn't permanent, I realized that I needed to do something. I realized that I needed multiple streams of income. I realized that I needed options and some form of security. So I started writing and blogging, doing content creation on social media, and then I started working towards my journey with Embroidery and Digitizing. I always wanted to work with clothes and I decided to take the leap and invest in myself.

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