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About Me

   Hi, there! Let's get down to the basics! 

        Who am I?

  • I am Sierra of SierraNovaa LLC! I'm the owner, the CEO - everything! This is a solo journey and I'm doing everything alone. I made this business official in February of 2021. 

       Purpose & Product?

  • This website is an attempt to connect all of my passions and interests: writing, anime, embroidery, digitizing, and so forth. My main and primary product(s) will be embroidery and digitizing. 


  • I graduated high school in 2013 & graduated from LU in 2018. 

  •  I'm a Certified Vet. Assistant and I have a degree in Chemistry.   


  • I'm pushing and aiming towards being self-employed. I want to do what I enjoy and what makes me happy. 

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