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Please carefully read the policies/contract down below! Important things are discussed such as:

  • Care instructions for embroidery

  • Refunds & Reworks

  • Rush Fees

  • Production Issues

  • Digitizing related topics

1. There will be NO REFUNDS as multiple steps will be taken to make sure the client gets their desired product. This includes an inquiry form or a booking form that must be filled out by the client to completion. This also includes an artwork approval contract that will be sent out to approve the mock-up/design. During the mockup process, the client will have the opportunity to make small changes (ex: color changes and/or placement of design). Once production begins, no more changes will be allowed. REWORKS will be done free of charge at the owner's discretion - especially if there was a mistake on the owner's end.

2. The client agrees and understands that production is likely to take longer the bigger the design and/or order as the owner is only one person.

3. The client will receive an estimate on how long the turnaround time will take and understands that this is likely to change if there's an issue with the machine/equipment or other unforeseen issues. If that is the case, shipping will be expedited upon completion of the order and will be paid for by the owner.

4. If the client wants their order or orders rushed, the client is expected to pay a rush fee of $30 as this puts more stress on the owner. This fee may or may not change based on the size of the order (ex: bulk order).


5. The client understands and agrees that any digitizing requested (for logo, patches, or other digitizing) may take longer as the owner performs test stitch-outs on similar or exact material as many times as needed to ensure the final stitch-out is acceptable. However, customers will not be charged for test stitch-outs as it's the owner's job to make sure stitch-outs are perfect or as close to perfect as possible before application.


6. The client understands that it is the client's responsibility to follow the care instructions to preserve the quality of the orders. The care instructions for all embroidered apparel (specifically shirts, sweaters, and hoodies): wash the garment inside out on the delicate setting on cold either isolated or with similar garments, and then line dry. Some materials will shrink by nature but to preserve the life of your garment as much as possible, the client is advised to follow care instructions.


7. If the client wants to supply their supplies or their garment, they may do so for limited services (backpacks, towels, etc) at no extra charge. However, most services will not have this option. The owner supplies the garment as a precaution in the unforeseen event that there is a mistake with embroidering (as machines can have unplanned hiccups and issues) and a replacement has to be ordered ASAP. The owner also supplies the garment because the owner is familiar with the material that works well/easiest with the owner's embroidery machine. If the owner supplies the garment, then it is the owner's responsibility to order and pay for the replacement at no charge to the client. If the client is insistent on supplying their material, then there will be an additional fee depending on the material and/or cost of the material. This can be waived depending on the material and if the client is fine with the risk of the potential loss. In this case, the client will also need to sign a damage waiver.


8. The owner will NOT digitize or embroider copyrighted designs intended for sale purposes. The owner avoids Anime, Nike, Disney, DC & Marvel designs, and other things that may require some type of license. If it is done, it is only to showcase digitizing skills. The client understands that the owner would like to avoid any legal matters or issues. 

By checking the terms of the agreement when prompted during ordering, you are agreeing to the terms of the policies/contract.

There is also an artwork approval contract/form that needs to be reviewed.


By checking the terms of agreement when prompted during ordering, you are agreeing to the terms of the artwork/design approval form.

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