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My fanfics but in audiobooks as requested. I'll sift through and edit my works (because they definitely need it); I'll pick the best ones! This will be a slow but guaranteed process. Series coming soon!

I hope this encourages anyone that wants to write to do it because I've been writing for years and I'm still bad at it at times :).

Sakura's Feelings

What was Sakura thinking when Sasuke gave her an infamous forehead poke? Takes place after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. 

Disclaimer: Characters and plot of Naruto belong to M. Kishimoto. The image is also not mine. 

In A Different Light

In which Levy begins to view Gajeel in a different light after he protects her. Takes place immediately after the Laxus Arc. 

Disclaimer: Characters & cover image belongs to Hiro Mashima. 


Second Chances: The Life Of Raditz 


Wave Of Return 

This is a rather old work and will take some time to go through edits and transition to audio form. 

This is basically an A/U in which Raditz eventually turns good and eventually settles down to take care of a family of his own. 

Disclaimer: image nor characters belong to me. The characters belong to Akira Toriyama. 

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