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Invincible | Animated Series | S1 Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Blindsided might be a complete understatement here. The emotions I felt while watching this are almost indescribable! Luckily, I think I can still manage! Let's get started!

On The Surface

So, at the beginning of the show, we see what seems to be your typical superhero introduction; we eventually see what appears to be the perfect, loving family. There really wasn't anything out of the ordinary at first - even granting the audience a nice showdown on the lawn of the Whitehouse to reel things in.

We were introduced to the Guardians of the Globe and met superheroes like Red Rush and Darkwing - based on Flash and Batman. Naturally, they held their own against the Mauler Twins as we expected. They're superheroes and good usually triumphs all - even in the cases when the battle seems lengthy or things seem rocky. Right?


The Twist

Unfortunately, the Guardians of the Globe didn't see that the attack on the Whitehouse was the least of their worries. They had an even bigger and unexpected threat on their hands. Additionally, it didn't help any that the Graysons weren't as cookie-cutter as we initially thought. If you're reading this, I'm going to ignorantly assume that you're up to date and you know that it was none other than NOLAN GRAYSON that brutally murdered his own teammates; that's right Nolan.

Honestly, that made it so much better. I was immediately hooked because it was different. I would not call myself a comic connoisseur by any means, but it is not every day that you see someone literally sleeping with the enemy (Debbie). It was beautifully written and animated. Of course, I felt horrible for Mark and Debbie.

However, there is seriously nothing more thrilling than being wrong - as messed up as that may sound - but it really contributes to great story-telling.

Who would have ever thought heroes would have to defend themself from another hero? A "hero" that is from another planet and wants to conquer Earth for the "greater good". I went from liking Nolan to despising him as he became more brutal and open about his view towards humans.

Mark vs Nolan

The fights have always been great in Invincible, but it was a tough sight to take in when Mark and Nolan went at it. Mark was distraught and felt lied to. The image of his father was literally shredded before his very eyes, and Mark probably felt as if he was dealing with an entirely different person. Nolan was cold and ruthless as he killed Immortal Man for the second time and the pilots.

Nolan did much worse afterwards, going as far as to pummel his own son. All in all, it was interesting to see Nolan and Mark fighting each other - because they both believed they were right and the other was wrong. Mark was fighting for the world he knew of while Nolan was fighting for the world he came from.

I'm beyond eager to see what happens next and how Mark will overcome this! How will Mark rise to the occasion and how will he cope? What about Debbie? And what happens the next time Mark and Nolan see each other? We'll find out in due time. 'Til next time!

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