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Jump Force | Game Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

I finally got around to buying this game. Jump Force was released in 2019 and I’m just now purchasing it in 2021. I put it off for the longest time because it was pretty expensive and I heard a lot of negative feedback about it, so I held off for a bit. However since I use a mesh of gameplay and anime for my newly formed YouTube channel, I decided it was a worthy investment. Let’s get on to dissecting this and my experiences with the game!

Number 1 - Animation

I’m going to be honest here, the animation is something that took me a little while to be able to tolerate. I don’t like how realistic they look and it’s very off-putting. They look too stiff and their faces hardly move when they talk. It definitely prevented things from looking smooth and fluid because it was pretty distracting. The animation is definitely a no-go for me and is one of my biggest dislikes about the game.

Number 2 - Characters Share the Same Health Bar

I wasn't too happy when I first realized this. Unfortunately, I didn't really pay any attention to it until I lost my first fight. Here I was expecting to just be able to play with another character when the health for one character ran out, but lo and behold, I was just out for the count. In One Piece: Burning Blood, you can do this feat, so I figured that it would be similar. After all, I haven't played too many games where all of the characters shared one health bar; it seems a bit ludicrous. However, that could be more common than I realize and I may be ignorant to that concept. After all, I'm more into anime than I am into games.

Number 3 - Clothing Options

While I haven't had the opportunity to play online just yet, I know that offline clothing options aren't really all that fantastic. It feels like there are limited options so it's not all that expressive. I genuinely believe that more options for hairstyles exist than for clothing, so I find that a bit baffling. Again, this could just be me, but if there's someone else out there that cares about the freedom you have with your avatar, this may be something to consider.

Number 4 - Storyline

Jump Force has a fairly simplistic storyline that is divided into nine chapters. It involves all of the Shonen characters stumbling upon each other to take down Venoms; The Venoms are abusing Umbras Cubes and are ultimately responsible for all of the chaos. Throughout the story mode, every character they come across is from different worlds; they are under the control of Umbras Cubes and are then recruited to join the "Jump Force" under Director Glover and his A. I partner. I figured the storyline would be a little bit more intricate since all of the characters are merged, but maybe the storyline is simplistic because of the volume of characters included.


While I don't think Jump Force is worth $60. I do believe that it's still a fairly decent game overall. Sure it has a few things here and there that could be better, but maybe in the future they will revise and update the game some more. As I play the game more, I will continue to expound on this topic a little more if necessary. If you feel like I missed something, don't be afraid to let me know!

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