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The People I Work With Are Fake

Before I dive deeper, let me start off by saying that I have worked multiple jobs and they haven't been bad.

I have worked as a server.

I have worked at Chic-fil-a.

I have worked at Sykes.

I have worked as a CSR.

I have worked at IVC.

But goodness, the job that I am at currently?

It's completely TOXIC and it's always the same three people complaining on everyone else in the lab. They are the reason the work place is toxic. It really wouldn't bother me too much if it seemed like legitimate complaints, but these people are not only hypocrites but they are fake as well.

And that bothers me so much.

These people will complain on you behind your back and then turn around and smile in your face and have you listening to their whole life story about their kids.

And then get upset when you decide to distance yourself from them.

It really scares me that two of these people are senior chemist and the other one claims to have been a supervisor at some point in time.

You would think they would know better and instead of pushing people away within the lab, they would bring people closer together. They do not deserve the position they are in.

They do not lead by example.

They do not lead period.

And they are hypocrites.

If we had stronger management, I don't think any of this would be this much of a problem.

However, it would definitely still be a problem because that's just how those people are at their core.

This is one of the many reasons, I want to work for myself.

I want the peace of mind.

The peace of the environment.

To me, that is something that is worth fighting to obtain.


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