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Devil’s Line | Anime Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Devil's Line is an anime that I ended stumbling upon on Hulu, so I decided to try and give it a try! Let's get started!

Length: 1 Season, 12 episodes

Summary: Vampires are living amongst humans secretly and seeing as vampires and humans look identical in appearance, the government is able to keep it a secret. Once they see blood, the vampires become blood-thirsty monsters unable to control themselves and a human girl (Taira) finds herself falling in love with Anzai - a vampire. Which is forbidden.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Okay! So since Shonen is my primary go-to anime, I decided to dive into my shameless inner sappy side and watch some good romance ones as well! I must say I was certainly not disappointed. Anyway, I'm going to write about: animation, the plot, pacing, fanservice, the characters, the things I liked and the things I didn't like and lastly, the romance.


Personally, I believe the animation was pretty decent. It certainly wasn't intolerable or too hard on the eyes, so I don't really have any complaints in this department. Animation is generally one of the major things I look for in an anime because if the animation is bad it can interfere with the mood of the anime. I usually can not watch an anime if the animation is bad.

If the animation is bad, then the plot or something else needs to make up for it to distract me from it. I will admit this was one of the reasons I initially struggled to watch One Piece in the beginning episodes, but the plot was super good that I was able to look past it.

Eventually, the animation got better, so it all worked out in the end.

Overall, the animation for Devil's Line gets a solid 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the best).

The Plot & Pacing

Initially, the first thought that came to mind was that it would be like Tokyo Ghoul, but instead of Ghouls living amongst humans, Devil's Line had vampires. While this is true to an extent, there were definitely some differences that I enjoyed above all. One difference was that the government kept the existence of Vampires a secret, and another difference I enjoyed was that the government was actually using the Vampires to take down other Vampires right off the bat. There wasn't really anyone too opposed to it because the public didn't know.

I found it unique and the plot wasn't something I would consider overplayed or cliche which is a bonus. I honestly believe that the plot of an anime is another major factor that should be considered when watching an anime. After all, I don't think anyone really wants to watch the same thing over and over again; it must have something different that sets it apart from others within the same genre.

The characters were all introduced nicely, the conflict was clear and there were no loose ends that were forgotten about; everything was organized and easy to follow. Also, I will say that the pacing of this anime felt great; it wasn't too fast or too slow. The plot and the pacing worked with each other and not against each other; the emotion and feeling of everything were conveyed clearly and there was no confusion or plot holes.

Overall, the plot and pacing get a solid 8.5.


Devil's Line didn't really have any fanservice, so this wasn't really an issue. I will admit that sometimes if an anime is saturated with fanservice every five seconds, I will not enjoy the anime. I won't even bother to watch it to be honest, or if the plot is good enough I will watch it slowly. I'm a firm believer that there should be a little moderation to mostly everything and fanservice is definitely it. Fanservice can either be funny or serve as an overwhelming distraction.

Now if the plot calls for it, it doesn't really bother me. For instance, Kill La Kill, the fanservice went hand in hand with the plot and it was necessary for the characters. Fairy Tail however kind of killed me with all the fanservice it started to pile on; it seemed to get worse and slightly intolerable as the series continued. I understand this isn't a dealbreaker for some and that's fine, but at the end of the day, I prefer to enjoy the plot.

Since there wasn't anything to really rate here so, let's move on.

Characters & Romance

Anzai is the main character and I could definitely tell because he stood out enough, so did Taira.

No problems there.

I felt like all of the characters were written well and easy to understand; however, there were a few things I didn't like. One thing I didn't like is that Juliana didn't get to fight more. Admittingly, that is probably because I like seeing strong female leads, so I may be slightly biased. I personally felt like it was a bit wasted not to explore the other vampire's abilities as well. Then again, as I said, I could just be biased and that may just be my immeasurable love for shounen sneaking out.

I also didn't like how Taira annoyed me for a bit because she was a damsel in distress; I could be exaggerating, but it felt like she was getting mixed up in some sort of trouble every other episode. As mentioned earlier, I really think moderation of just about everything is important; it's a balance to everything. Besides that, I really liked and enjoyed her character. She was a very feminine, cutesy, and honest character. I loved that she wasn't a Tsundere because sometimes that can be a bit overplayed.

Overall, this gets an 8.5.


The animation was good and the plot was easy to follow. I enjoyed the romance segment and the characters were likable for the most part; there really wasn't any overwhelming fanservice - none at all, actually. There really weren't too many things I disliked about the anime. In the end, the good heavily outweighs the bad and I would recommend watching this anime if you're into fantasy and romance.

Final rating: 8/10


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