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Romantic Killer | Anime Review

So far, Romantic Killer is different and absolutely hilarious. Off the bat, we don't have the typical lovey-dovey MC and I like that. For once, she's not interested in love and is actively avoiding it. The only thing that matters to her is video games, chocolate, and Momohiki.

Anzu is a simple woman.

And she doesn't ask for much.

But a tiny cutesy wizard named Riri has other plans and because the population is supposedly dwindling, something has to be done about it.

Even if it does involve cheap tactics like pushing people together for the sake of the world.

One cheap tactic involved Anzu breaking Kazuki's phone, while another involved Kazuki having to stay the night at Anzu's due to "bad weather." There was also the time when his room got flooded in his house.

Only his room.

And this forced him to stay with Anzu for a MONTH; the Wizard RiRi sure was busy.

Things get a bit spicy in episode 4. Like I didn't think RiRi could top making Kazuki stay with Anzu for a month, but they DID. They brought another guy to Anzu named Junta.

Funny and definitely unexpected.

However, Anzu wasn't really bothered by Junta. Like she didn't become lovestruck over him and RiRi decided to up the game and Junta ended up staying with Kazuki and Anzu. So Anzu was staying with TWO handsome men.

Not just one, but two.

RiRi was pretty desperate here and Anzu wasn't making it any easier seeing as she was being pretty stubborn. But I think the three of them became pretty good friends and had distinguished roles if nothing else. Junta was athletic and sweet, while Kazuki was smart, blunt, a good cook, and a roach exterminator. Anzu was honorable, chill, and funny.

She was definitely the glue.

Moments I Got Nervous

There were a few moments when I got kinda nervous.

1) Kazuki's fan girls tried to bully Anzu and I thought they were going to hit her but instead, they just tried to force Anzu to set them up. She honorably declined, remembering that Kazuki truly wasn't interested in dating anyone.

W friend.

2) When Anzu was confronted by two random thugs courtesy of Kazuki's stalker. I really feared for her safety and I didn't want anything bad to happen to her. She was a good and down to earth person. It was at this moment I realized that I was emotionally invested in Hoshino (Anzu).

3) When Anzu was confronted by Kazuki's stalker DIRECTLY. Like she showed up to get the job done herself when the two thugs were stopped in their tracks by Junta and the others.

Ranking Anzu's Love Interests

So our first candidate is Kazuki.

Anzu bumped into him while walking out of some sort of convenience store & ending up breaking his phone during the encounter. Later on, they ran into each other again, but at school this time.

This is where we found out that Kazuki is pretty popular with the ladies.

But Kazuki is NOT having it. He's not interested in dating and I respect that because he actually means that.

This is my favorite ship. I would LOVE to see Kazuki and Anzu get together.

Our second candidate is Junta.

Now at first, I was NOT on board this ship. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED their dynamic, but it didn't seem genuine at first. It wasn't my favorite ship because of this. It really seemed like Junta was just a pawn in RiRi's game to get to Anzu.

It seemed like he was manipulated in a sense and I just couldn't support that.

However, closer to the end of season 1, it was revealed that Junta was indeed a childhood friend. Junta was Tonta, and Anzu had just never pieced two and two together. After all, Junta had really shot up.

In more ways than one.

He was no longer that cute, chubby kid with curly hair.

He was athletic and had a build.

The third candidate is Prince Hijiri AKA Mr. Rich Boy.

They met in the most COMEDIC way.

Anzu was running late for school one day and got hit by his limo. Rich Boy thought it was some sort of ploy to get close to him and tried to reward her with a date. Anzu was insulted.

As she should be.

I just knew I wasn't going to like the Rich boy that much because he was arrogant, self-centered, spoiled, and the list goes on. But what do you expect of someone that's used to having everything?

While it made him entertaining because arrogant characters NEVER fail to entertain, it also made him annoying.


I did start to like him after a bit.

It seemed like Anzu had some sort of effect on him.

She's the first woman to not throw herself at his feet and she actually told him about himself.

What I liked about Hijiri is that he took what she said to heart and actually picked up a job himself to earn his own money for a change.

The fourth candidate Ryuya

AKA the cheater

Anzu was his first crush.

I don't have too much to say about him because we weren't exposed to him as much as the others.

Unexpected Twists And Developments

1) I did not expect Kazuki's backstory. That really threw for a loop and added more depth to this anime that I was not expecting. Like the whole stalker bit was pretty creative - at least to me. It really put the focus on a man being uncomfortable and I liked that.

That was different.

I'm a woman myself, but we often hear more about what women go through and the problems we face.

Which is fine.

We're also more vocal and taken more seriously.

But men go through problems too. Men are human and have feelings too. Unfortunately, they aren't as vocal and will suffer in silence.

That's not OK.

Life is rough for everyone. Not just women.

Problems don't discriminate based off gender, but we do.

And I feel like this anime really captured the other spectrum, the other side of things for once.

I never pieced together that Kazuki was uncomfortable for THAT reason. I just thought he was freaking out because of being in crowds and people always trying to hit on him. Like maybe he had anxiety or something. But I absolutely loved this because it gives perspective and awareness for men.

2) RiRi bending the rules for Anzu.

So I never expected RiRi to bend the rules. RiRi is only supposed to use their magic for the purpose of match making. On two occasions, RiRi did not follow this.

One is when Anzu was about to get bodied by those two thugs and the second instance is when RiRi gave Kazuki's stalker amnesia so that she would forget about Kazuki. I mean she was beyond crazy and she made me uncomfortable.

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