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Justice League: War | Animated Series (Movie) | Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

So Justice League: War is an animated film that came out in 2014, and it's an adaption of the Justice League Origins. In this film, we see the members of the justice league meet and come together for the first time to defeat Darkseid and it's pretty entertaining, to say the least.

Especially, the whole bit between Green Lantern and Batman; they were hilarious!

As Batman points out sometime during the film, he and Green Lantern are the most normal ones in the group yet Green Lantern seems to think otherwise. I loved seeing their banter and it was nice seeing Green Lantern's abilities. I've always found his abilities pretty creative and unique, seeing as he can literally create what comes to mind.

I have to admit that he honestly reminds me of Momo from MHA. I mean it could be a stretch, but I can't help but think that they are similar to some degree.

Then we have the whole exchange with Wonder Woman and I love how awkward and innocent she's portrayed here. Like you can tell by her dialect and the way that she talks, that she is still new to the things of the world - such as dealing with people and the smallest of things like how ice cream tastes. I think it really captures the initial stages of her transition really well while clearly displaying that she's an Amazon warrior and not from around the area.

On another note, I got to say I didn't really enjoy the exchange with Victor Stone and his dad. It made me a bit sad and angry. We see that Victor Stone wants nothing more than his father's support and his father doesn't seem interested.

Not even interested enough to show up at Victor's football games.

I get that it might not be something that Silas wants to do, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the ones you love. Especially if it's harmless and you know that it's really important to them. Instead, his father seems more interested in his work and experiments at S.T.A.R labs. Again, I get that that is where his interests mainly lie, but he still has a duty as a father as well.

To make matters worse, not only did he not show up to his son's football game but he basically told him that football meant nothing in a world where they had superheroes and people had powers. What kinda thing is that to say to your son? In his frustration, we see Victor grab a random box-like device and it explodes and I guess fuses with him.

The damage to his body was pretty immense and we see that his dad, Silas Stone, goes into immediate action to try to save his son's life through the technology acquired at S.T.A.R Labs. At first, it didn't seem as if it was working, but after the immense pain and some injections here and there, Cyborg is born.

Sadly, I think this was the most attention Silas paid to him.

Anyway, outside of that one negative interaction, I DID enjoy seeing the interaction with Shazam and Victor. Shazam really gave Victor some kind words because Victor was feeling lost and as if he didn't belong anymore. So I got to say that Shazam really pulled through for him. I feel like Victor really needed that from Shazam because it was clear he was going through a range of emotions. I mean he was just at a football game like an hour ago, yet now he was a cyborg.

That's pretty crazy!

And it wasn't as if his dad was helping him navigate through it all.

To be honest, I have to admit that it didn't quite click for me immediately that Billy was Shazam, so I felt kinda ashamed. I thought he was just a random kid snooping around Victor Stone's football games, you know a super fan of sorts. After all, you don't just throw on anyone's sweaty football jersey and NOT be a fan.

Anyhow, as soon as it was revealed to us that he was an orphan and was living with other orphans, it finally clicked. In this film, he didn't seem to need the other kids in order to transform, so I'm guessing that they can all individually transform still. But I could still be wrong seeing as the film itself didn't really go that far in depth.

The next thing I'd like to add, which kinda piggybacks off the interaction between Green Lantern and Batman, has to do with the Flash. I've always found him interesting not only because of his background but also because of how he got his powers and what he did for a living. Maybe it's because I've always been into science, but the Flash kinda holds a more special place in my heart seeing as he's a forensic scientist.

I've always wanted to be one.

Not to mention, it was pretty funny seeing him fangirl over Batman in front of Green Lantern. Green Lantern and Superman were the only ones kinda giving Batman a hard time at first, and messing with him. We saw that during the scuffle Superman had with the both of them where he easily overwhelmed them. I'd like to say that Batman put up a decent fight at least, despite not having much prep time. This Superman seemed a bit different. I don't think it's fair to say that he was arrogant, but I think it's fair to say that he isn't the same Superman that I'm used to seeing.

Which is to be expected.

He and Batman aren't the best of buds just yet right from the jump.

No one is.

But I'd like to say that they seem to respect each other at least, even if some of them weren't necessarily on board with being a team just yet. It was still pretty cool seeing them unite and fight Darkseid together. They were at least able to work through their differences and protect the world. I'd give this film a 10/10. Like I really enjoyed the film and it's something I would probably watch again.

It did a good job portraying everyone and a great job giving us little bits of information rather through the character's actions (like Wonder Woman not being accustomed to things just yet) or through the characters themselves. Like when Batman took Green Lantern's ring, we saw that he was in his pilot uniform. Or showing Barry Allen at the police station bringing back burritos for everyone.

Little things like that, that gave us the information in a subliminal way.

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