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Let's Talk Ships #4 | Gajeel and Levy

When I first saw Gajeel, I never imagined that I would ship him with Levy.


Especially considering what he did; however, there's a reason why this is one of my favorite Fairy Tail ships, ( Jellal and Erza coming in second). So I hope I'm able to do this ship justice and hopefully, I won't be biased; at least, I'll try my best not to be. Anyway, let's begin. We're going to get into the background, how they met, and then I'll share my verdict.



First things first, Gajeel Redfox is a Dragon Slayer. An Iron Dragon Slayer to be exact. The Dragon that fostered him as well as basically taught Gajeel everything he knew was named Metalicana. Unfortunately, Metalicana is deceased, but that seems to be the pattern for Dragon Slayers - they have some kind of lonesome childhood until they're taken in by a Dragon of sorts. It's like a Dragon Slayer starter pack or something.

Anyway, Gajeel eventually made his way into the Phantom Lord Guild where he was said to be an S-Class Mage. Then when Fairy Tail takes out Phantom Lord Guild, as Fairy Tail was outraged over what Gajeel did to Levy and Lucy, he eventually joins Fairy Tail sometime after. Of course, people aren't necessarily thrilled by this at all, and I can understand why honestly. I mean, Not only he did hang Levy up like a Christmas ornament after beating her but he also put his hands on Lucy. The Fairy Tail gang cherishes their bonds and relationships with everyone and that's completely unacceptable to them. Anyway, Gajeel eventually grows on everyone.

I honestly feel like Gajeel has pretty great character development; he's definitely not the same as when we first saw him.


So, to my dismay, seeing as Levy is actually one of my favorite characters, not too much is known about her past.

Which may bother me a lot more than it should.

However, what we do know is that she is on a team called Shadow Gear. There are three members, Levy, Jet, and Droy. I'm pretty sure they've known each other for a while. In addition, we also know that her Shadow Gear members have asked her out and have been shown to fight with each other over her. I think it's more for comedic purposes, but it's clear that Levy doesn't want either of them.

Even still, she does care about them and her rejection doesn't stop them from caring about Levy in the slightest. I genuinely think they mean well and are just looking out for her the only way they know how to.

Anyhow, we also know another thing as well: Levy was shown to be in the guild as a child. I think we saw this in an omake episode called Fairy Hills, so I have a theory that she was orphaned somehow. It's kinda frustrating to not know for sure, though. Especially since I like her character a lot, but it does add some sort of mystique about her to a degree as well.

I hope they eventually reveal this information. Maybe she lost her parents due to some accident? Whatever the case may be, I hope we get at least a little bit more information regarding her past. And if not that, then at least give Levy more screen time to be able to show off her skills; her solid script is really unique and impressive and I think that's one of the reasons I love her so much.

How Did They Meet?

So Levy and Gajeel had a pretty rough encounter when they first met and I think that's putting it lightly. I think the very first time they met, was when she and Gajeel were enemies. Unfortunately, Gajeel, who was with Phantom Lord at the time, caught the Shadow Gear members when they were most likely walking home from the Guild. The scene cut as soon as he lunged for them, but he most likely beat the three of them pretty badly. After all, look at what he did to them afterward; he hung them up for everyone to see.

I mean, I love this couple a lot. But even I have to say that Gajeel went too far and it's a pretty messed-up start to their relationship. However, I will admit that Gajeel showed some redeeming qualities and I think that's what really made me like and approve of this ship. Since that moment and since he joined Fairy Tail, Gajeel has made it his mission to protect Levy and make it up to her in whatever way possible.

And I can't help but find that pretty admirable.

He really fought hard to get her to trust him as well as the others and Gajeel seemed truly apologetic. Now I can't remember why the Guild Master invited him, but I think the Guild Master just wanted to help Gajeel out or something. Anyhow, Gajeel did not receive a warm welcome, but he was pretty understanding and humble.

He didn't get angry or retaliate, he just stayed to himself.

Even when Laxus was attacking Gajeel, he didn't really do anything.

It wasn't until Laxus flung an attack Levy's way, who was pleading with him to stop after she noticed Gajeel wasn't fighting back, that Gajeel actually did something. Gajeel flung his body in front of hers and protected her.

Not only did he protect her then, but Gajeel kept protecting her from that moment on - up until Tenrou Island Arc and beyond. I genuinely think that the more these two hung out together, the cuter their interactions became and the closer they became. Which is pretty natural, right? They've come a long way and I'm impressed with how hard Gajeel fought to get on everyone's good side, especially Levy. Not to mention, I just love their interactions and how close they are. They started off as enemies and couple development like that has always impressed me because I feel like that can be challenging at times. Not to mention, I absolutely loved Gajeel's confession; it really moved me and near brought me to tears.


So this is a great ship. And I say because they've come a long way together and individually. I'm a sucker for development and couple development; I love seeing progression. And I think it's fair to say that Gajeel deserves some credit where credit is due. Gajeel really did his best to make it up to Levy and ended up winning her heart in the process. I can't blame her. Gajeel really took accountability for his actions and did what he could to right those wrongs and not anger the people of Fairy Tail at the time.

Nevertheless, I have the feeling that some may say that this ship isn't any different or better than Vegeta and Bulma or even Sasuke and Sakura. Or some may question why I ship Gajeel and Levy and Vegeta and Bulma, but not really ship Sasuke and Sakura like that.

But I can explain.

Like Gajeel and Levy, Vegeta and Bulma started off as enemies while Sakura and Sasuke kinda started off as teammates. Vegeta and Sasuke and Gajeel all went through different encounters and all had different pasts and backgrounds that are responsible for who they are today.

Also, Sasuke and Sakura's relationship is a little more complex and seems to be not as accepted. I think that has to do with a lot of people not liking Sakura and Sasuke trying to snuff Sakura out, but my beef has always been that Sakura should've been end game with Naruto. I dare say that Gajeel and Levy's progression is clear cut and the fact that we saw him working towards her approval and everyone else, makes this ship all the better.

They also have wholesome interactions all throughout the series and it's pretty consistent. Fairy Tail does a really good job with ships and it's nice to not see any beating around the bush or anything. I got somewhat Shikamaru and Temari vibes from Gajeel and Levy since they seem inseparable; when you see one, you see the other.

Anyway, I think that's all I have! Thanks for reading! I'm at other places as well.

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