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The Dragon Prince | Animated Series | Season 1

So basically there's a war going on and it's up to three individuals to stop it - two young humans, Ez and Callum, and an Elf, Rayla. Seeing as they're young, they kinda have everything against them. But luckily for them, with the discovery of the Dragon Egg, their odds can change. As for the war that's going on, I think it's fair to say that humans started it by introducing dark magic. After all, there was one land and everything was united beforehand.

And it was known as Xadia.

But by introducing dark magic, a new magic discovered outside of the six primal sources of magic, this caused problems. This dark magic was considered the seventh source and worked by using the essence of magical creatures themselves. Now the Elves and the Dragons weren't on board with this at all, so this led to the humans being shunned in a sense, pushed to the far west by the Elves and Dragons. So the land of Xadia continent was no longer one but divided into two.

The East belonged to the magical lands of Xadia while the West belonged to the human kingdoms. Meanwhile, the King of Dragons aka Thunder was defending the border, but then the human kingdoms made things worse by snuffing out the King of Dragons (by the very thing they were shunned for - Dark Magic); it was even believed that the humans destroyed his only egg - The Dragon Prince.

So that's kinda why things are on edge and on the brink of war between the two.

However, they end up finding the Dragon Egg in episode 3. This is where we end up meeting Rayla, who's a Moonshadow elf. I guess she tries to prove herself and ends up sneaking into the castle, but ends up coming across Ezran and Callum instead. These kids quickly find out that the Dragon Prince is alive and well, but stopping a war that's been going on for years isn't going to be easy.

And we see this with Viren, who is a pretty suspicious character.

For one, why did he take the Dragon Egg and keep it hidden? Allowing a war to go on? Secondly, why did he stop Callum from going to King Harrow? Callum and Ez wanted to stop the war, but Viren didn't allow Callum to enter the King's quarters. Third, why did Viren lie at the Kings funeral and say that the King saw him as a brother? That was not what their last conversation was.

I had a bunch of questions, but I figured they'd be answered soon enough.

Anyway, the kids decided to go on a journey and after a run-in with Claudia, Viren's daughter, and Callum becomes curious about magic. Ralya then informs him about Primal stones and how they are the original and purest forms of magical energy; there are six. There's the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Ocean, and the Sky. And basically, these primal stones are necessary for a mage to cast a spell. Interestingly enough, primal stones are very rare - and probably for good reason.

Meanwhile, in episode five, we see Amaya confront Viren and at this point, I can tell Viren is up to no good. Especially seeing as he has Dark Magic. Just like Amaya thought, I'm pretty sure Viren just wanted King Harrow out of the way so that he can become King instead. I mean he didn't even do the grieving ceremony properly; Viren rushed through it using the current war as an excuse and he looked disappointed when he found out that Ez and Callum were still alive. Not only that, Viren manipulated General Amaya into going back to where the borders were in order to protect them and took her commander, Gren, off of the rescue mission for the princes the second Amaya left.

According to Amaya, Gren was supposed to lead it, but Viren put his son, Soren, over the mission instead just as he initially wanted. We also get some background on Rayla's parents here. Apparently, they were part of the Dragon Guard - an elite force. The Dragon Guard's duty is made of eight elven warriors that are basically handpicked to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. Anyway, Rayla reveals that she is ashamed of her parents for running away when the Dragon King was snuffed out and essentially failing at their duty.

In episode 6, we see more and more of Viren's intentions as he summons his son Soren and informs him that he needs to return with terrible news about the princes. Viren wants Soren to lie and say that the Princes have perished. This means that General Amaya was right about Viren this whole time; Viren's scheming and I don't think anything good is going to come of it. He even encourages his son to snuff out the princes, saying that accidents happen in the wild.

The truth of the matter is I severely underestimated Viren. I can see his concern about children being King, but that doesn't mean that they can't learn or be taught. Furthermore, that doesn't mean that they should be snuffed out just because they may not have all of the necessary skills to be king just yet. In episode 7, Erzran and Callum go to see a doctor about the dragon egg, seeing as they dropped it into an icy lake. So I can see why they'd be concerned about the egg; it's very crucial for stopping the war. The doctor they meet isn't able to help much but directs Ez and Callum to someone else that may be able to help - Ellis and Ava.

She talked about Cursed Caldara.

Basically, Ava had lost her leg in a trap and was able to miraculously get it back via a miracle healer.

So in episode 9, we actually learn slightly more about Ezran. Ezran revealed that he has a connection with animals over humans because he had trouble making friends. Then, reveals that there is no miracle healer which I didn't really follow at first. Obviously, Callum doesn't believe him and they push forward; they're deadset on rescuing the egg.

After all, it could end the war.

So I can understand the desperation behind their attempts.

Turns out that Ez was right. The miracle healer was just an illusionist to protect Moon Nexus. She was just a guardian of sorts. The group kinda gets discouraged upon learning the truth and learning that the Dragon Egg can only be saved by hatching in the middle of a storm, but Callum comes up with a great idea. Meanwhile, the siblings are still trying to locate the Princes by going to the top of Katolis mountain and end up finding them through a spell. The episode ends with the Princes being located and viren seemingly looking on in the distance. I already know how I feel about him.

He's pretty evil and self-absorbed. I never would have initially pegged him as a villain, but it seems he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.


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