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Ozark | Season 4 Part 2 Review

So, Ozark comes back strong and fortunately starts us right where we left off after a brief recap. I was kinda worried that they'd stall and leave us hanging, dragging out that moment between Ruth and Marty for as long as possible.

But thankfully that didn't happen.

Immediately, we see Ruth and we see her feelings and emotions start to unfold. She's angry, grieving, and more importantly, she's hurt.

I can't say that I blame her. Ever since Ozark started, it feels like Ruth has been losing person after person - to the point where she doesn't have much family left except for Three. Ruth wasn't half as angry over the other losses and maybe I'm wrong, but I think Wyatt's death hit her a lot closer to home than the others and that's why she was willing to kill over him.

Javi didn't even see it coming and this surprised me. Similar to what Marty and Charlotte thought, I also didn't believe that Ruth would do it. Especially seeing as Ruth backed out the first opportunity she had. I thought she would go home just like Marty asked her to. Instead, Ruth kept pursuing Javi as promised in the last season.

This time around Ruth put the Byrdes and Clare in a bind as Wendy ended up baiting Javi over on Ruth's command - knowingly leading him to his death. But what could Wendy do when Ruth had a gun and was hellbent on getting revenge? Javi, unsuspecting, came as asked and was gunned down before he could even stop walking.

Let alone process that he had been set up.

And just like that, their grasp on freedom was gone.

They had been so close, but Ruth was not willing to let this slide. After all, Javi killed her cousin. But to be honest, Wyatt kinda set himself up. I'm not trying to victim blame, even though that's probably what I'm doing, but Wyatt knew who he was associated with and he knew full well what Darlene was capable of.

And all of them had been warned about the cartel, and they did not listen; it went in one ear and out the other. Now, maybe they felt untouchable because Darlene was leading the pack, but I already knew that it wouldn't be long before Darlene's actions and impulsiveness caught up to her. I don't think it's fair for Ruth to blame the Byrde family or even herself. Wyatt made a choice and Ruth tried her best to get him disassociated, but Wyatt went off and got married to Darlene instead.

In other words, Wyatt made his bed and he was gonna have to lay in it.

Unfortunately, Wyatt and Darlene just weren't lucky enough to make it. Darlene was now the death of three men: Jacob, her first husband, Frank, and Wyatt. And while we could probably agree that Darlene and Wyatt are kinda similar to Marty and Wendy - despite the huge age gap - Marty and Wendy are different because they are completely lucky.

And because they have fear.

I've never seen Darlene afraid of anyone and that was her downfall. She continuously sought to solve things with her shotgun. On the other hand, Marty and Wendy aren't as bold and wild, they know how to have fear.

Fear of dying and fear of things happening to their children; I think it's fair to say that their fear has kept them alive.

Despite everything they have gone through, they wanted to live. At the end of the day, they still had a family.

Even if things do seem a bit dysfunctional between them.

I mean, they for sure butt heads with each other at times and Marty and Wendy seem to have their idea of how things should go, but I think they work well together. Even if they drive each other crazy most of the time. They balance each other out in a sense and make up for what the other lacks. For example, the bit with Javi's mom, Camila. Marty wanted to inform Navarro of his sister's attempts on his life. But Wendy didn't. Wendy wanted to use the situation and she did just that.

And it worked to their benefit as she plotted.

Another example has to do with the casino. Instead of caving to Ruth like Marty wanted to do and giving them the casino, Wendy made things work with Clare and Javi's mom and I have gotta say I'm impressed. I may not like her methods all the time, but I can confidently say that Wendy gets things done.

Wendy produces results.

Now speaking of Wendy, I know I praised her for getting results and getting things done, but some things do come back around to bite her in the butt. For example, the whole ordeal with Ben.

Wendy had to make a very tough choice and she did. It not only cost her Ben, but her relationship with her son, Jonah, and it even cost her her kids. Now the Grandpa coming to town didn't catch me off guard, but him nearly taking the grandkids did. But obviously, I agree with the grandpa; Charlotte and Jonah are a lot safer with him than with Marty and Wendy.

These are kids mixed up with the cartel, after all.

If something happens to Wendy and Marty, they have nothing but each other. And they shouldn't be any more involved than what they are already; it's not healthy or safe. These kids no longer have a typical childhood. They're going into their adulthood pretty much knowing how to be a criminal.

But enough about that, let's talk about the final moments of Ruth. If I have to be honest, I had a feeling Ruth was going to get killed off in some fashion. After all, she murdered a cartel member, so that's not all too surprising. However, I'm a bit disappointed because she was turning her life around - to the point where her record had been clean.

I was proud of her.

But unfortunately, she messed with the wrong woman.

Camilla was not going to let bygones be bygones with this one. I mean she was willing to murder her brother, had he been the one that murdered Javi. And I gotta say, Camilla, is a different beast altogether, especially when we saw her stare down Marty, Wendy, and Clare, all but demanding answers and the truth.

Clare ultimately cracked, revealing that it was Ruth that murdered Javi.

I honestly thought Clare was going to rat out Marty and Wendy as well, but she didn't; she surprisingly kept that bit to herself. Once Camilla had the answers she wanted from Clare and found out it was Ruth, Camilla turned to Marty and Wendy, who were at the same table, and threatened to kill their kids if they so much as looked at Ruth.

To be honest, this was kind of a heartbreaking scene but it was nice seeing the Byrdes powerless for once. For once, they were met with a problem they couldn't solve or talk their way out of.

Not with this one.

Camilla wanted blood for what happened to Javi and she got it. I have enjoyed this series as well as the wave of emotions this show brought. I wasn't sure if Marty and Wendy were going to make it out alive, but by some miracle, they were able to.

And as a family, they were closer than ever and we saw that when Mel came face to face with Jonah's shotgun.

This series is a must-watch as it had turns and twists that even I couldn't predict. I honestly loved every bit of it and I feel like the writing is done well here. So much so, that I don't think I have too many complaints; this show did an overall good job keeping me on my toes, and keeping my attention the entire way through. While part of me is sad that it's over because I have to try to find something else to watch, I'm very much content with how it ended.

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